Al Borlin Park

615 Simons Rd, Monroe, WA 98272

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90 Acre Park in Monroe

Al Borlin Park covers 90 acres of Monroe, Washington. Although it’s in the middle of a populated area, you’d be surprised by the number of birds you’ll see and hear on your way. This easily accessible Park has scenic trails perfect for photography and family photos. It winds along abandoned railroad tracks, and over old foot bridges. Parking and bathrooms can be found at the Lewis Street Park, and down the gravel road you will have both trail and beach access. While walking along the water you’ll see power boats, Kayaks, and Jet Skis. This trail isn’t challenging, and would be great for any skill level, or stroller. Al Borlin Park also offers BBQ spots with picnic tables if you decide to make a day out of it. During the winter season you’ll want to check trail, and weather reports as this area is prone to flooding at that time of year.

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Good for All Ages Seasonal Restrooms Admission Free

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