Alexander W. Kemp Playground

36 Waterhouse St, Cambridge, MA 02138

happyly approved

A fully enclosed, interactive playground right in Harvard Square

A wonderful, fully enclosed playground right in Harvard Square with plenty of interactive structures to entertain kids. The park includes a rope climbing structure attached to a hill with a slide, a wooden ship, merry-go-round that's wheelchair accessible, shaded swings, and a  see-saw. When it's warm, kids gravitate toward the water feature, and adults take shelter at the shaded picnic tables.

The park ground is made up largely of sand and soft matted ground. My boys love the turn crack conveyer belt as well as climbing the stumps and wooden post. 

Jennifer de Merode
Boston, MA
The Head of Accounting and Boston Ambassador, Jenny has been living in Boston for almost 10 years. Before Boston, she lived in Washington, DC for 8 years, and previous to that grew up on Long Island, NY. Along the way, she spent a few months in Amsterdam with her family biking all around and exploring that beautiful city! Jenny has always enjoyed being active - from organized sports to jogging, and of course, being in the garden as much as possible when the weather is cooperative. She tries to include her children in all of her active hobbies. With two toddler boys, ages 3 and 5, she and her husband spend their time discovering new places and things to do in the New England area. Spending time outdoors in all types of weather and encouraging her children to love all seasons is very important to her - and so is helping and encouraging others to do the same. Jenny and her family love spending time at the beach, traveling, taking walks and hikes, and of course, finding new playgrounds!
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