Babb Brothers BBQ

3015 Gulden Ln #105, Dallas, TX 75212

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Order at the counter, grab a napkin, and get ready to eat some authentic BBQ at this food and music joint!

If you are anywhere in the state of Texas, there are BBQ restaurants everywhere of all kinds of styles. Babb Brothers BBQ located in the Trinity Groves area serves authentic, delicious, Kansas style BBQ. The restaurant regularly has live music on Fridays and Saturdays, so check out their calendar to plan your visit if you want to check out the blues bands. The place can get pretty crowded on live music nights, so if you are looking to avoid a crowd, I would recommend going earlier. This place is an "order at the counter" and self-service kind of spot, so it is very casual and can be a quick stop for a meal if that is what you are looking for. The staff is exceptionally friendly and this restauraunt has a great family-friendly vibe that aims to attract families. That being said, there isn't a specific kids menu from this place, but all of the options on the main menu are definitely good for kids of all ages. the brisket is especially tender and the coleslaw is a perfect mix of creamy and tangy. I absolutely recommend saving room for either the banana pudding or seasonal cobbler on their dessert menu after your meal! You can't go wrong with those Southern favorites. 

Natalie Proctor
Austin, TX
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