Bodo's Bagels- Emmet Street

1418 Emmet Street North, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA

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Dine in or take out at this affordable location!

Any local Charlottesville resident will tell you the name of their favorite casual place to dine: Bodo’s Bagels.

This spot has earned the title of "Best-of" in Charlottesville since 1996! Dine-in or take out for a family of four for under ten bucks. A little more will get you the #fancystuff like smoked salmon or gourmet cream cheese. Try their egg, bacon, and cheddar on an everything bagel.

For lunch, try their heavenly, garlicky caesar salads or daily house-made soups - delish!  There are great salad and side options, and be sure to ask about their soup of the day! Bagel flavors range from poppy, onion, cinnamon-raisin, sesame, and more. Bagels are made in-house every day at each location.

Bagels aren't the only thing you can get here! You can also order made-to-order sandwiches with some of their amazing chicken, tuna, shrimp, egg, or salmon salad. There are also vegetarian options like kalamata olive spread, feta spread, tofu, or a lentil-based veggie patty. 

Bodo's boils their bagels before baking so they are authentic NY-style bagels with no fats, preservatives, dairy or soy. There are several topping options and a variety of cream cheese flavors like herb, olive, jalapeno lime, honey pecan, vegetable, and strawberry. The cream cheeses are also made in-house daily. 

For drink options they have sodas, flavored seltzers, coffee, boxed coffee for large sharing, lemonade, orange juice, or milk. 

Currently, there is only outside service available due to COVID. 

There are three locations in Virginia in Charlottesville downtown, on the corner, and on Emmet Street. 


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