Burke-Gilman Trail

King County, WA

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27 mile urban trail through King County.

The Burke-Gilman trail is a 27 mile stretch in King County that follows an abandoned railway. This trail passes through both beautiful nature settings as well as populated towns. The joy of this being that you can somewhat “choose your adventure” depending on where you’d like to join it. Without much elevation gain any portion of this is fully accessible, and stroller friendly. Exciting things to see can be found through every part of this trail. In Ballard (during certain times of year) you can wander from the path to the Locks and see hundreds of salmon jumping and sparkling. Through Fremont you might even spot a dinosaur or two! It might take a second to recognize these Apatosaurus topiaries so keep your eyes peeled on your way. The trail is partially paved, but all of it is an easy walk for folks of any age, and as it passes through populated areas there are plenty of places to sit, and to take a bathroom break. 



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Good for All Ages Open Late Restrooms Admission Free

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