Coldwater Canyon Park

1100 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

happyly approved

Family fun for everyone!

Great gated park with multiple playground structures, picnic areas, and a water feature.

Coldwater Canyon Park is a great park for the family to spend an afternoon. There is plenty of free street parking and restrooms available. Not only is there a sandpit and multiple playground structures, but there are different types of swings: big kid swings, baby swings, and one swing with both a baby and big kid swing attached. You and your kiddo can swing together on one swing!

The playground area is gated, with an officer out front to make sure everyone wears a mask in these covid cautious times. Surrounding the playground area are picnic benches and plenty of space to hang out with the fam. A perfect place to snack, especially considering there aren't any food places within walking distance.

Across the street, there is the Coldwater Canyon Park track in front of the fire station. There you can find a cute water feature with a man-made stream. It's also a great spot to do some laps in the stroller. The track area is a peaceful getaway of its own with lots of greenery and a rock sculpture amidst the beautiful plants.

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