Hat Creek Burger Co.

8185 Walnut Hill Ln #1400 Dallas, TX 75231

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The Hat Creek Burger Co. has an awesome outdoor patio, All-American food, and a neighborhood atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

This Texas restaurant boasts twelve different locations throughout the state, each one filled with quality food, entertainment, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Hat Creek Burger Co. began as a food truck in Austin with the philosophy behind good food, good friends, and good fun.

Hat Creek’s outdoor dining area, playground and patio, and indoor and outdoor TVs make it a perfect place for all ages to be entertained while eating. Hat Creek is also large enough that it can easily accommodate large parties, and if it is busy there is plenty to do while you wait for a table to open up. I would definitely recommend eating at their outdoor picnic tables if it is a nice day because you can easily watch the kids play and the indoor seating is a little cramped.

You order your food at the counter so I would recommend having someone else grab a table and one other person order so you have a secured spot. Their menu has breakfast as well as lunch and dinner, and the kid's menu is a build-your-own concept with basic options like chicken tenders, grilled cheese, apple pouches, fries, and juice. They also have vegetarian options for those not wanting a burger. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, their milkshakes are legendary and have fun flavors that will transport you back into childhood like “dirt worm,” “birthday cake,” and “peanut butter cup.”

One of the best parts about Hat Creek is that they provide an easy chart on the back of the menu that shows allergen information for each food item, so you have nothing to worry about mystery allergies or anything.

Natalie Proctor
Austin, TX
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