Knoop Park

20 Ozark Point

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half mile trail in heart of Hillcrest

Knoop Park is a paved, half-mile trail in the heart of Hillcrest.  It’s perfect for stroller walking and exploring on foot. My 3 year old walked the majority of the trail. The trail is lined with trees and provides shade for a hot, Arkansas day. It is also gorgeous during the fall with all the vibrant colors. Our favorite part is the overlook with an amazing view of downtown Little Rock. Around this area are a few benches, a water fountain and even a dog fountain! Throughout the trail are more views of the Arkansas River and the bottom of Cantrell Hill. There is a monarch waystation filled with milkweed and nectar resources that provide a habitat for migrating monarchs. This is the perfect classroom for learning about monarchs, especially during their migration! There is an entrance to the trail at Ozark Point or the intersection of Hill and Martin Street with plenty of street parking. The trail is not a complete circle so we began at Ozark Point and turned around to back track once we reached Hill Street.

Emily Medford
Little Rock, AR
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half mile trail in heart of Hillcrest


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