Lake Cheston

Lake Cheston, Sewanee, TN 37375

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A stunning lake near Sewanee.

Serene Lake with a Kid-Friendly Path.

Lake Cheston is a 5-minute drive from Sewanee village just past the University sports fields.  It's a small lake and there is a path all the way around it.  The walk is flat and well-marked so it's very kid and dog friendly (please leash them).  We went clockwise and started to the left of the pavilion at the parking lot.  In addition to the pavilion (which can be rented), there are several picnic tables, a beach, and a swimming dock in the middle of the lake.  In the fall, the scenery really cannot be beaten.  After you walk around the lake (it takes only about half an hour), head to the "Sewanee Discovery Garden" which is a natural playground area for kids with bamboo sticks and wood to build and create with.  There is also a large, hollowed-out log that functions as a tunnel for smaller children.


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