Love, Lydia Bakery and Cafe

1502 S. 3rd St

happyly approved

Best avocado toast I've ever had {not kidding}!

Known for that perfect cup of coffee and incredible dessert.  We went for breakfast and enjoyed the most delicious avocado toast we've ever head.  Multigrain toast with avocado, arugula, bacon and a soft-boiled egg cooked to perfection and drizzled with a lemon viniagrette.  I'm hungry just typing this. Other breakfast items include build your own biscuit sandwich with farm fresh toppings, a bruleed grapefruit, which I tried to recreate at home.  But it's not the same.  They told me they whisked vanilla and sugar but mine does not taste anything like it.  So, we must hit Love, Lydia and often.  Their desserts vary week to week,  but they have things like pies, homemade orange drizzled cinnamon rolls, cookies, coffee cake, banana bread and such.  So yummy!  They also have smoothies and quiche.  Breakfast items are available all day. Lunch items include soups and fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. Bread is all made in house and they sell at the bakery counter too. 

The cafe has a cozy feel and plenty of space to be kid-friendly.  Or you can set up shop with your computer and get some work done.  Really, really good food and it's worth a drive no matter what part of Wilmington you're in. 


Good for All Ages

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