Morro Rock

Sequoia National Park, CA 93262

happyly approved

Well worth the climb for spectacular views!

A steep, fast climb (300ft elevation gain in .5 mile) with dropping granite rock on each side. At the top, you are rewarded with 360 views of the magnificent mountain ranges and valleys that surround you. This climb is well lined with railings but if you have a fear of heights this might be a challenge! Also, if you're wearing a child on your back/front you will get the ultimate workout. Afterward, we opted to skip the short shuttle back to the Giant Forest Museum, and instead took the 1.5 mile Moro Rock Trail way down, the best decision by far. On the entire trail, we only encountered 2 people and passed giant Sequoia tree after giant Sequoia tree as we hiked.

There are bathrooms at the start of the hike as well as at the shuttle stop before Morro Rock. Running shoes or hiking shoes will suit you best here along with a baby carrier backpack or Bjorn, there are many steps that a stroller or wagon will not make.

Brittany Ricketts
San Diego, CA
Brittany Ricketts was born in Freeport, Maine and moved to San Diego, California at a young age where she has remained for the last 22 years, also attending SDSU there. Her love of sharing the outdoors and being active with others has always been a big focus in her life. Now with her husband and two beautiful daughters she gets to explore the world in lots of new ways! If they’re not hiking, swimming, surfing, running or enjoying San Diego then they’re off on an adventure somewhere near or far!
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Distance: 3+ miles, Level: Moderate
Distance: 5 miles, Level: Moderate


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