Morro Rock Trail

Morro Bay

happyly approved

Short, steep trail with rewarding panoramic views from the top.

Both grandmas offered to watch the kids one afternoon so my husband and I took off running for a few hours to explore on our own! Needless to say, we were thrilled! We grabbed a shuttle to Morro Rock and loved it. A steep, fast climb (300ft elevation gain in .5 miles) with dropping granite rock on each side. At the top, you are rewarded with 360 views of the magnificent mountain ranges and valleys that surround you. This climb is well lined with railings but if you have a fear of heights, this might be a challenge! Afterward, we opted to skip the short shuttle back to the Giant Forest Museum (where you hop on another shuttle back to our campground), and instead took the 1.5 mile Moro Rock Trail way down, best decision by far. On the entire trail we only encountered 2 people which is very rare for any hike here this time of year. We passed giant Sequoia tree after giant Sequoia tree as we trail ran our way back. Trail running also meant we got to ice-cream faster.

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