Natural Bridge Sewanee

591 Natural Bridge Rd, Sewanee, TN 37375

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A small park that boasts a big feature.

A beautiful natural bridge that is easily accessible on foot.

The Natural Bridge area is worth a stop if you are in the Monteagle area.  It's only 3 acres, but it's beauty packs big punch and is simply stunning.  My family and I happened upon it on a quiet Sunday and had the place to ourselves.  My husband and I remarked that it was strangely akin to "Angkor Watt" in the way that nature has grown wild amongst stone, trees twist through the air in strange shapes (of course this is not manmade!).  The highlight is a natural, 25 foot high sandstone arch that brave visitors can actually walk across.  Once you venture across the bridge you circle into a cleared out area with a cave and several large trees and boulders.  I delighted in my children saying 'this was the best playground ever' and watching them play "Lion King / Pride Rock" for an afternoon.  It's only a 0.1 mile walk from your car, so the smallest of hikers can see this beautiful natural setting.


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