North Creek Park & Playground

North Creek Park, 183rd Street Southeast, Bothell, WA, USA

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Floating boardwalks and large play space for the win!

Bounce a boardwalk, watch for birds, and cap it off with a large playground!

What is it about boardwalks that captivate kids? Mine will happily hike if it means they get to walk across what's essentially a giant balance beam. Bothell's North Creek Park up-levels the boardwalk game by putting the slats on floating pontoons to help preserve the bog that lies underneath. This means you can take turns bouncing on the sides to make the boardwalk wiggle a bit (keep a hand on new walkers so they don't fall in). 

The boardwalk is about 1 mile in each direction and is friendly to joggers and strollers, although a warning sign says some parts can have minor seasonal flooding (we didn't observe any on our visit). Interpretive signs teach kids about the variety of wildlife (amphibians, reptiles and birds) that make the wetlands their home and the tall grasses and lichen-covered tree make the walk feel a bit like an urban safari. 

You can create your own walking tour using the Snohomish County guide found here:

Two single-occupancy porta-potties are available (bring your own sanitizer) in the large parking lot along with several covered picnic tables. A fun playground with unique climbing structures (some of which would be accessible for kids with disabilities) is a great way to reward a strong finish to a hike or recover if you have to call it quits on the walk.

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