Offshore Restaurant

1000 E Grand Ave

happyly approved

upscale restaurant on Navy Pier with amazing view

Recently added Offshore restaurant is a new, higher end addition at the end of the Pier and it is worth the trek out to it for the view alone.  It’s actually on the second level and the slight elevation plus the location at the end make the view unbeatable.  The visibility the day we went (Saturday, mid-August) was second to none on all sides.  There were several large ships and sailboats to watch, and, of course, looking back on the city horizon is memorable.  Since the weather was nice, the glass partitions were open, making the indoor part transition seamlessly and really without notice to the outdoor section.  There was live music, playing tunes that were family friendly (Tom Petty, James Taylor).  There are several sections – a bar, tables, fire-tables, and lounging areas. 

We noticed signs at the entrance saying that it was 18+ but we called in advance and the staff said kids were fine on the weekends during lunch.  They were very accommodating and sweet to my 5 year old daughter (but please note, I didn’t see high chairs for the younger kids).  There was sufficient room for her to move around while we ate, and obviously the view provided tons of things for her to look at (Seagulls! Boats! Buildings!)

As far as food goes, it was great, a tad pricey, and there was no kids menu.  So instead, we ordered a burger and a flatbread (both large) and split it, improvising it to very kid-friendly.


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