Ozone Falls State Natural Area

Ozone Falls, Tennessee, USA

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Gorgeous waterfall near Crossville area and Cumberland Mountain State Park.

Explore the Stunning Waterfall Featured in "The Jungle Book"!

Ozone Falls in Cumberland County (near Crossville) is one of the most accessible, highest (110 feet), and prettiest waterfalls in Tennessee.  It's a stone's throw from I-40 and so it is heavily visited in the warmer months.  It's situated on 43 acres owned and managed by the state and you can park at the top and easily see the top of the falls after a quick walk (~5 minutes). 

However, if you are up for a rockier 0.75 mile walk down (1.5 miles round trip), it's worth leaving the parking lot and walking on the path that hugs the road to take a descent to the base of falls, where you can get close to the turquoise pool at the base.  The path is interesting itself, passing a small rock house called Gamblers Den.  Note, the path down is rocky and has boulders and can be muddy so it is not recommended for really young kids or folks with knee trouble, etc.  My 4.5 and 6 year old managed fine, but we needed to be with them the whole descent, especially towards the end.  What's interesting is the pool flows underground and disappears and then emerges downstream.

I'd recommend visiting in the colder months to avoid what's typically a very crowded place.  On a Saturday, snowy morning in January, we had the place to ourselves (!!!).

Note: Rappelling is prohibited. Pets are not recommended. Please practice "leave no trace." Whatever you bring in, take it out with you.  No camping.


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