Paramount School Park and Playground

15300 8th Avenue Northeast, Shoreline, WA 98155, USA

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Calling All Little Shredders, Tiny Climbers, and Stroller Pushers.

A skatepark, lots of playground equipment for climbers, all with a stroller and wheelchair friendly loop.

It’s easy to see why Paramount School Park and Playground is such a popular spot. There is a lot to do for kids of all ages!

First, the playgrounds. There are two, contiguous playground areas, separated by a chain-link fence. On the little kid side, there are two small slides and one tiny slide, some monkey bars and a firefighter’s pole. The ground is covered in bark chips and they can get pretty soggy in a lot of rain (one of the slides had a large puddle under it on our last visit).

On the other side of the chain-link fence is where the bigger kids play (two open gates on either side make it easy to go back and forth). Here there is a four-person bouncer, an elevated and tilted ring that kids can hang and spin-on, monkey bars, climbing ropes and a rope bridge, 2 slides (1 tube), areas for pretend play (for example, a kid-height counter), and a climbing wall. There is also a large, double-sided separate climbing tower. The ground is also bark chips.

Near these playground areas are two adult fitness machines (ages 13+) if you want to get your sweat on while watching your kids climb and slide.

The swings are separate from both these playground areas but very close. Paramount park has two bucket swings and two big kid swings. They do not have an accessible swing.

Great news: Real bathrooms! In a building! The women’s room has two toilets and a sink, but zero changing tables. I didn’t venture into the men’s room, but I’m going to guess there’s no changing table in there either, so make sure the back of your car is clear for any emergency diaper changes.

Next, we have to talk about the skatepark. In the times we’ve been to Paramount, we’ve seen kids skateboard, scooter, rollerblade, and bike up and down ramps and jumps. And not just teenagers (though they are definitely there too!). Little kids! Absolutely shredding! From what I observed, the big kids are pretty patient with the little ones. They were all very patient when, for example, my four-year-old stood in the middle of the skatepark with a giant stick (the one-year-old was trying to drink from a Starbucks cup he’d found on the ground so I was momentarily distracted). It’s a great place to bring your little ones if they’re feeling adventurous and want to hone their skills. There are five picnic tables surrounding the skatepark so you have plenty of options for sitting and drinking coffee (just don’t leave the cup there because someone’s child may try to drink from it).

If your little one prefers a flatter, chiller bike (or skateboard or rollerblade or scooter) ride, there is a stroller and wheelchair friendly flat, concrete loop around the park, dotted with benches. I have seen many families pushing a baby in a stroller as a big sibling balance bikes alongside them. The loop passes the playgrounds, skatepark, large grass field (great for flying a kite), and two partially fenced baseball/softball fields. These fields have fenced dugouts and in non-COVID times, are used by Shoreline little league teams. The loop also passes a covered picnic shelter with tables and a charcoal grill. Neither the fields nor the picnic area are currently able to be reserved because of COVID.

There is free parking in lots off of both 8th and 10th Avenues. Street parking is also available, and you might need it because this park gets crowded, especially on nice days and weekends.

As always during COVID times, wear your masks and check Shoreline’s website for park COVID restrictions and regulations.


  • There is a “Secret Shoreline Stone” at this park! Nine and ten-year-old Shoreline kids hid stones in Shoreline parks for other kids to find. A picture of the Paramount stone is among the pictures in this post. See if you can find it at the park and leave the kids a message on their website! (Other Shoreline parks with stones are also listed there). Secret Shoreline Stones
  • This park gets crowded on the weekends and nice days. Have a backup plan if you decide it’s more crowded than you’re comfortable with.
  • In the southeast corner of the field, between the two ball fields, is a wire and washer scoring system. My kids didn’t know what it was for, but loved sliding the washers across the wires.
Jessica Ziparo
Seattle, WA
Jessica Ziparo is from Westhampton Beach, NY. She earned her BA from James Madison University in Virginia, where she majored in history. From there, she went to Harvard Law School, earning her JD. After working as an environmental attorney for three years, Jessica returned to the east coast to earn her PhD in history from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. She has taught history at Salem State University, expository writing at Harvard, and English literature at Pritzker College Prep, a charter high school in Chicago. She is the author of, This Grand Experiment: When Women Entered the Federal Workforce in Civil War-Era Washington, D.C. (2017). Jessica loves to travel and explore. She has lived in Australia twice, journeyed solo to Kenya and Tanzania to go on a safari, spent six weeks on her own trekking around Thailand, and has backpacked around Europe with friends three times. She found bungee jumping scarier than skydiving and now regrets running with the bulls. Nowadays, Jessica lives in Seattle with her husband, Labrador Lincoln, and two sons Zane (almost 5) and Niall (almost 2). During COVID times, Jessica has expanded her exploring throughout the city and beyond to keep the kids outside, active, and safe. She is excited to become a happyly ambassador and have greater purpose for roaming the PNW.
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