Perry’s Beach Cafe

2600 Oceanfront Walk, Santa Monica, CA 90405

happyly approved

Along the Santa Monica beach walk, lovely cafe

Perry's has a wide range of food options serving simple beach food, gourmet sandwiches and tacos, and ice cream options. They offer a nice variety of coffee options too.

We appreciated the low key, relaxed vibe, surprisingly tasty tacos, and nice people.

The view is incredible. 

Caitlin Iseler
Washington, D.C.
Caitlin Iseler, happyly founder and CEO, was born in New York and is one of eight children. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and the chance to sit at one table with her favorite 40 people. Caitlin and her family live in Jackson, Wyoming. Caitlin is married to Thomas and they have three children that she adores more than anything. Being a mom has always been something she dreamt of and it is her favorite thing in the world. Caitlin attended the University of Virginia and was a member of the National & ACC Championship Team. Before starting happyly, Caitlin spent 15 years working in executive search with technology companies.
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