Radnor Lake State Park

1160 Otter Creek Road, Nashville, TN 37220

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Urban hiking, with paved trails too!

Radnor Lake State Park is an urban haven for nature lovers and hikers. Located in the south of Davidson County within the Nashville city limits, it still manages to feels miles away.  You can easily find yourself admiring owls, peeking at turtles, and ogling at deer, all hidden from the urban surroundings. It’s also a birder’s paradise, if that’s your thing. Covering more than 1,300 acres, Radnor has a number of paths and trailways with a massive lake at the center.

We like to enter the park from the Franklin Road side via Otter Creek and park so that the paved path is our starting point. We like this paved path, even though it feels like you are on a road, because the girls can use their scooters and I can easily manipulate a double stroller. This pathway goes along the lake for a distance and we use it as an out and back, though if you didn’t have a stroller, or dogs, or scooters you could loop all the way around the lake on an unpaved trail for the "Lake Loop Hike". Dogs, however, are  are really restricted in Radnor and can only stay on the pavement, not the trails. The paved path is super flat and kids will love to go out on the nature viewing platforms over the lake to watch the birds.

It can get crowded on the weekends, so you could find yourself waiting on a parking spot for a while. To avoid this we suggest going early in the morning. The road to the parking lot is narrow and can be frustrating if you get stuck.



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