Seattle Children's PlayGarden

1745 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, USA

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An inclusive play area in Seattle.

Seattle play area welcomes all abilities to explore and learn.

Many parks around Seattle tout themselves as "ADA compliant," but that often just means there aren't significant stairs to enter the park or there are curb cuts to cross the street. The Seattle Children's PlayGarden is a non-profit that partnered with the community and the Seattle Parks and Rec department to build a play space that welcomes all children, regardless of disability, to engage in play. 

My kids loved sharing the bucket swing, sliding down the hill (on or off the actual embedded slide), and climbing all over the soft play ball structures. One of the most fun parts is a musical section - use upcycled pool balls to strike metal pipes or tilt a see-saw structure that uses a ball to create sound. 

In the north corner of the play area are a chicken and duck coop (listen for the rooster's crow!), a small garden area, and an upcycled truck. If older kids accompany their younger siblings, they'll likely enjoy the basketball court. The whole space is gated so that little ones can run free without their parents worrying about passing cars.

No public restrooms are on-site, although street parking is available right in front of the play area. During the pandemic, make sure to wear a mask for anyone over the age of 2, bring hand sanitizer, and maintain social distance between families.

Note: while PlayGarden's website says the space is open from dawn to dusk, it is used as an inclusive preschool on weekday mornings, so check their website or give them a call to make sure you can access the space respectfully. They often keep the space open for all during holiday breaks as well.




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