Shenanigans Restaurant and Bar

12595 Sollace M Freeman Hwy, Sewanee, TN 37375

happyly approved

A family-friendly lunch spot.

Family-friendly Post Hiking Spot with Yummy Food

One of the things that we most look forward to after a family hike is a bite to eat and a cold beer for us and lemonade for the kids. When we were in the Sewanee area, we drove through the main stretch of "downtown" Sewanee (really only a few shops, restaurants, and a post office) and saw the brightly blue colored "Shenanigans" right upfront. We walked inside and found a local vibe, a friendly staff, and yummy food. 

The menu is pretty big and includes sandwiches as well as grilled food in addition to beer on draught. We opted for sandwiches (grilled food had a wait time of 35 minutes) and ordered at the counter and then found a spot outside on the front porch. Our number was called only a short time later and we were delighted with the size of the sandwiches, speed of service, and quality of the grub. We got our girls a turkey sandwich to split (didn't notice a kids' menu) as well as a Rice Krispy treat for a treat. 

It was during COVID, and we were happy to find there were plenty of picnic tables set up outside in the parking lot. 

The menu is on the website here.  You can preorder.


Good for All Ages

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