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4x4 & Golf Cart Rentals for Carolina/Kure Beach

SunFun Rentals offer Jeep/Golf Cart/Scooter rentals for your visit on Carolina & Kure Beach.  The Jeeps are perfect for driving on the beach at Freeman Park on Carolina Beach as well as Fort Fisher State Recreation Area on Kure Beach.  They have the air pressure at the perfect level for the soft sand and they'll tow you if you get stuck (as opposed to getting stuck in your own "4WD").  SUVs get stuck every single day, so just go with the pros!  Golf Carts are street ready and scooters too.  Such a fun thing to have on your beach vacay.  

All Jeep Rentals come with parking and beach passes.  24 hour or more rentals come with a cooler of ice, 2 beach chairs, firepit and bundle of wood.  So fun!  Free delivery & pick-up on weekly golf cart rentals. 

Jennifer Plym
Washington, D.C.
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Beach South of Wilmington
Gorgeous park with loads of activities
Great food & good vibes


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