Table Rock Hike

Old Penitentiary Trailhead, East Old Penitentiary, Boise, ID, USA

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One of Boise's most popular hikes that overlook the whole Treasure Valley.

Table Rock is a family-friendly hike most recognized for the 60-foot cross at the top of the hill.

Table Rock sits right above the city and can be seen from anywhere in town. Table Rock is a 3.7-mile hike roundtrip located along the Boise foothills. It offers one of the best views in the area and is very doable for the whole family. 

A guide to hiking Table Rock in Boise:

-We like to park at the base of the mountain located at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. They have free parking in a dirt lot and bathrooms before you start your journey. Follow the path from the parking lot to the top of the mountain. 

-The trail is open to all your furry friends so bring the whole family for this adventure.

-Table Rock is open from sunrise to sunset daily and accessing it after dark is prohibited. If hiking is not for you and you would like to drive to see the whole view of the city, there is a parking area leading to Table Rock but it closes at sundown.

-There are many other trails that you can take while you are exploring the foothills on your Table Rock Hike so if you are up for a longer adventure you can explore those other trails. 

It took our family about 45 minutes to get to the top and we did stop a couple of times for a snack or rest break. Going down was much faster! If you do have little ones, I recommend having a hiking carrier for them so you don't have to carry them if they get tired. Both my children, ages 4 and 6, walked up by themselves, but make sure to bring snacks for refueling. We always bring GoGo SqueeZ Pouches on these types of adventures cause they don't have to stop in order to have a quick snack. Also, consider snacks like grapes, cut-up watermelon, pretzels, and lots of water, especially if it's a warm day. That said, we love to visit Table Rock when it's not too hot. If you decide to do the hike in the warmest months, go early or later in the day. 

Once you have made it to the top, there are benches you can sit on and enjoy the view. Another fun thing about Table Rock is the caves that surround the base of the mountain top. You can access them to the right if you are looking at the cross. They have some cool art graffiti and the kids love climbing in the caves. It's an amazing spot for pictures too! 

If you have time after your hike, The Old Penitentiary does tours, and next to that is the Idaho Botanical Gardens that is great to walk around.  So reserve plenty of time to enjoy this awesome Idaho Gem! 


Molly Raymond
Washington, D.C.
Molly Raymond was born and raised in sunny San Diego, Ca but decided to uproot her family and move to Boise, Idaho in 2018. Idaho has been such a great experience for her and her husband Jason and their two young children since they love the outdoors and nature. She has been working for GoGo SqueeZ as the Community Marketing Manager for over 3 years while staying home to take care of her kiddos. Some of their favorite things to do in Idaho are hiking, camping, boating and most of all find hidden Hot Springs around Idaho. One of Molly’s passions is to teach her children to clean up litter so they can learn to protect and take care of the environment.
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