The Corner Table Cafe

22 Federal St, Nantucket, MA 02554

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This family-run business offers delicious and healthy food.

Don't Miss this Nantucket Restaurant

Start your day at the Corner Cafe...with an excellent coffee selection, amazing menu, and healthy and delicious grab-and-go options at the market. There is a cozy outdoor patio it's high on our list of favorite places to relax in town. They offer family meals on select days and ordering is available online. As an added bonus, it is affiliated with Nantucket Culinary if a cooking class, special dining experience, or organized event appeal to you. The operation is run by a husband-wife team, with the husband focusing on the food and the wife on the community organizing, we love that this family-run restaurant and business is centered around community.

There is so much to do near the Corner Table Cafe! If you have little ones, head to The Children's Beach. Otherwise, Jetties Beach is also very closeby. The best playground on the island, The Discovery Playground at Hinsdale Park, is a quick drive from the restaurant as well. 


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