The Fremont Troll

N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

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A public art sculpture under the Aurora bridge.

A sculpture that is sure to pique the imagination of your little ones!!

Under the Aurora bridge in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle is a troll. This public art piece can be a bit surprising if you’re on your way to the zoo and aren’t aware that this guy is peeking out from the ground (and you should definitely make the stop on your way).

The sculpture was created by four local artists with the inspiration of old Norwegian folklore, a culture which you can see represented widely across Washington State.  The troll is 18 feet high and clutches a Volkswagen Beetle in its huge hand.

Kids and adults alike are encouraged to climb and touch the sculpture. It is a perfect quick stop while wandering around the beautiful Fremont area. This spot is best visited in the mornings to avoid crowds and on dry days. 

Don’t forget your cameras, as you’ll want a family picture or selfie with this giant new friend. 

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