Top 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam with Kids

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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We love Amsterdam as a family destination and have compiled a list of our favorite activities so you can love it too!

My family and I were lucky enough to be able to spend two months exploring Amsterdam this year, and I have to say, we loved every minute of it!

Amsterdam is such a kid-friendly city. There are playgrounds on almost every other street along with loads of other opportunities. Here are our favorites!


Riding bikes or Bakfiets/Cargo bike: My favorite thing about Amsterdam was being able to go everywhere by bike. No need for cars or car seats! Our favorite ride was taking the route right along the Amstel River. Just riding a little outside of the city center helps you to avoid the crowds.


Playgrounds. Amsterdam has some of the best playgrounds that we have been to. Our favorites are:

  1. Oosterpark - great green space with 2 playgrounds!

  2. Beatrixpark

  3. Amsteldorp

  4. Frankendael Park

  5. De Vondeltuin


Amsterdam Zoo: This zoo was really nice with both inside and outside areas. You can get pretty close up to the animals and the playground is really great! We also enjoyed the food in the café.


NEMO: Super cool museum that both kids and adults will enjoy.


Green Spaces: There are so many green spaces. On any nice day, you will see the parks filled with picnickers! Our favorites are Vondelpark, Oosterpark, and Amstelpark.


Traveling Markets: The Pure Market was one of the most exciting markets we went to. Always rich with food and drink vendors, farmers markets, clothing and more. They're also always in a park with a playground so the kids can run around!


Boat Tour and Canals: This is a must when visiting. I really like the smaller boats since they can get into the smaller canals. We used Private Boat Tours and were very impressed with them.


Museum Plaza: One of the most touristy places in Amsterdam, but a must. Playgrounds, a museum, and outdoor markets! We loved getting breakfast in the Rijksmuseum.


Jordaan Area: This is the Amsterdam that you see in the pictures. A great spot to walk around, eat and do some shopping. Since it's Amsterdam, you will surely pass a few playgrounds during your transitions!


Kindercafes: Cute cafes that have kids' areas with toys so you can enjoy a cafe and/or lunch while your child plays!



Honorable Mention (since it's not Amsterdam): Bloemendaal aan Zee. A beautiful beach about a 40-minute drive from Amsterdam that you can also take the train to. There are a bunch of beach clubs that have wonderful food, beautiful beach fronts, and playgrounds.



Jennifer de Merode
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The Head of Accounting and Boston Ambassador, Jenny has been living in Boston for almost 10 years. Before Boston, she lived in Washington, DC for 8 years, and previous to that grew up on Long Island, NY. Along the way, she spent a few months in Amsterdam with her family biking all around and exploring that beautiful city! Jenny has always enjoyed being active - from organized sports to jogging, and of course, being in the garden as much as possible when the weather is cooperative. She tries to include her children in all of her active hobbies. With two toddler boys, ages 3 and 5, she and her husband spend their time discovering new places and things to do in the New England area. Spending time outdoors in all types of weather and encouraging her children to love all seasons is very important to her - and so is helping and encouraging others to do the same. Jenny and her family love spending time at the beach, traveling, taking walks and hikes, and of course, finding new playgrounds!
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