Tougo Coffee Yesler

Tougo Coffee Cafe&Bakery, Yesler Way, Seattle, WA, USA

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Black-owned coffee shop with city views.

This black-owned shop offers coffee, freshly baked bread and smiles to fuel your playground adventures.

Tougo Coffee is proudly owned and operated by the multi-talented Brian Wells. He shows off his multiple talents by selecting and brewing amazing coffee, baking sourdough and decorating the coffee shop with his stunning photography. 

I first visited for a socially distant meet-up with a friend, but have brought my kids back again and again after realizing the shop is right across from an amazing playground (Yesler Terrace Park & Playground). Brian sold me on the Bitter Housewife Mocha - a less sweet version of the traditional mocha made with oat milk and garnished with chocolate bitters. Pick up one of his "space balls" (a small, bun-sized version of his sourdough; the best are filled with cranberries and seeds, but varieties change daily) or a grilled cheese from the not-so-secret menu. He's always making something new! The Tougo Coffee Instagram account often shows special offerings or events.

Best of all is Brian's welcoming warmth. During a time when my kids rarely see adult faces outside of our household, Brian's smiling eyes peek from behind his mask and have my youngest talking about "Mistuh Bwian Siwwy" days after we've visited (that's "Mister Brian is silly" for the non-baby-talk-speakers). He remembers their names, their favorite treats, and takes the time to chat with us every time we visit. 

Either burn off the hot chocolate at the playground across the street or save the stop to warm up little hands after a morning of play. You'll find yourself in the First Hill neighborhood and can continue your adventures with a stop in the International District down the hill or head 5-10 minutes in either direction to the waterfront or the Seattle Children's PlayGarden.

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Natasha was born and raised in California (Bay Area and San Diego areas) and caught the travel bug after studying French in high school. She studied abroad in France for a year (where her husband proposed) and earned an International Business degree at Northeastern University before working in accounting and finance for 8 years. Now based in Seattle, she paused her office job after her son was born to show her two young children around the Pacific Northwest and the world. When she's not plotting adventures in endless spreadsheets, Natasha enjoys reading and doing some freelance writing for local parenting publications.
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