Trinity Skyline Trail

Trinity Skyline Trail, Dallas, TX 75207

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Prepare yourself for several miles of pathway, views of Downtown Dallas, and access to the Trinity River and Dallas Floodway on the Trinity Skyline Trail.

The Trinity Skyline Trail is located next to the Ronald Kirk Bridge and Felix H. Lozada, Sr. Gateway, formally known as the Continental Avenue Bridge and West Dallas Gateway. The trail is a 4.6-mile trail that takes you around the Dallas Floodway and the Trinity River. The Trinity Skyline Trail is perfect for hiking, biking, jogging, or taking a walk. The trail is currently a part of an expansion project to allow it to connect to the Santa Fe Trail near 8th Street and Corinth Street to allow for an even longer path. The entire system will eventually connect to the Trinity Strand Trail once construction is finished and completed. If you are looking for an easy spot get a long run out of your system with or without a stroller, this is definitely a great spot to go. If you have a heavy-duty stroller that can move easily on gravel, you can also go onto the Trinity Levee Trail that is 8.2 miles parallel to the Skyline Trail. 

Natalie Proctor
Austin, TX
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