Vogle Playlot

2100 W. Lawrence Ave.

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Seemingly nondescript neighborhood playlot

This little neighborhood park can be easily overlooked if you find yourself on the Northside of Chicago just driving by.  But, it's a somewhat small, quite pleasant little corner playlot.  Vogle Park is on the corner of Lawrence and Hoyne, bordering the Lincoln Square/Ravenswood neighborhood of the city.  The park is well shaded by a number of large mature trees, making it an excellent park choice on hot, sunny, summer days!  

There is one large structure in the center of the park, 1/2 of it serves as a good 3-7 year old area and the other 1/2 for older kids (taller slide and climbing pole).  The two parts are joined by a large climbing net.  The playlot also has an entirely separate climbing wall structure, a ride on "merry go round" type structure (great for sitting on and having a snack) and swings (2 baby swings, 3 mature swings and one therapeutic swing).  The gated park seems to be visiblie from all angles when you're in it, so parents can sit down and not worry so much since kids seems to be always withing your sight.  The only downfall is that it is a woodchip park- there's no other ground covering in the play area but old school style woodchips- this isn't really much of a bother unless you've come on a day where it's just raing (where Play clothes for sure) or if you also have a not yet walking baby in tow.  Since there isn't a designated tot area or structure, it's important to accompany the smallest ones up the structure when they're exploring.  

This playlot is an easy stop for short park visits (25 minutes after dinner anyone!?) and it is rarely crowded!  

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