White Rock Lake Park

E. Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX 75218

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There is plenty to explore at White Rock Lake Park in Dallas. Utilize the 9.33 long biking and walking trail, go boating on the lake, or run around on the grassy area.

This outdoor getaway is a park located right around Downtown Dallas and is home to a 9.33-mile hiking and biking trail as well as a massive 1,015-acre lake. You could spend an entire day in this area visiting the Dallas Arboretum, jogging on the trail, kayaking, or exploring the various playgrounds this spot has to offer. This place has everything! From the Bath House Cultural Center to the Audubon Society bird-watching area, there is plenty to do at White Rock Lake Park. There are several picnic areas and boat ramps, as well as a dog park and wetland area. They also have a bike rental area so you can take a ride all around the lake as a daytime activity. There are large grassy areas spotted with beautiful wildflowers in the summer, and in the fall the trees turn are an incredible sight with deep auburn colors. This is definitely a popular spot for activities of all sorts, but the park is so large that even when it is busy it isn’t terribly crowded. 


Natalie Proctor
Austin, TX
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