Happyly is corporate wellness for the work from home parent, supporting health and wellness for the entire family.
How It Works
Adventures and plans in your area
Customize your experience
Tell us your favorite adventures
Receive personalized adventure plans daily
Why consider a family wellness solution?
Happyly helps parents make every parent feel like a superhero parent. Personalized curation of active lifestyle adventures that consider the age of kids, types of adventures the family enjoys, and even the weather, delivered 1 to 7 days a week.
By filling out a short survey, parents can make their time outside of work connected and restorative. Instead of spending their valuable time researching, parents can find the information they need in 30 seconds and then get off their screens and safely into the world together.
To learn more about the happyly membership and how we can collectively support your team, let's connect.
Program Details
Education: 2 weeks of newsletters
Give-a-way + active contest
Quarterly engagement summaries (anonymized)
Happier, more engaged team members
Less stress = less illness
More present at work due to fulfilling family time