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A day trip or overnight to Sewanee!
About 1 day 8 hours

One of our favorite recent day trips was Sewanee, Tennessee which is about an hour and a bit from Nashville. There are a ton of hikes and cool things to do in the area (Buggytop is hard and ambitious but a favorite worth mentioning!). I love the Sewanee area because there are easy ways to explore the area with younger kids too. We like starting off the day at the Natural Bridge. It's only 3 acres, but it's beauty packs a big punch and is simply stunning. My family and I happened upon it on a quiet Sunday and had the place to ourselves. My husband and I remarked that it was strangely akin to "Angkor Watt" in the way that nature has grown wild amongst the stone, trees twist through the air in strange shapes (of course this is not manmade!). The highlight is a natural, 25-foot high sandstone arch that brave visitors can actually walk across. Once you venture across the bridge (or walk around with small kids) you circle into a cleared out area with a cave and several large trees and boulders. After that, head to Shenanigans, in "downtown" Sewanee (really only a few shops, restaurants, and a post office). It's a brightly colored building right upfront. We walked inside and found a local vibe, a friendly staff, and yummy food. The menu is pretty big and includes sandwiches as well as grilled food. Eat your lunch onsite or take it with you for a picnic at Green Views which is just past the campus of the University of the South (aka Sewanee) campus. The drive will leave you breathless - the beautiful stone buildings and lush landscape are stunning and kind of Hogwarts-like. Greens Views is a viewpoint that you can drive right up to. It's gorgeous and there are several benches that you can enjoy the views from. If you are feeling even more adventurous, there are several hikes that start here. If you are interested in staying in the area overnight, The Sewanee Inn and Edgeworth Inn are both excellent options. Additionally, there are so many lovely and reasonable Airbnb's and private home rentals in the area.

Buggytop Trail to Lost Cove Cave
Buggy Top Cave Trailhead, Sherwood, TN 37376, USA
Natural Bridge Sewanee
591 Natural Bridge Rd, Sewanee, TN 37375
Shenanigans Restaurant and Bar
Monday through Saturday 11am–11pm; Sunday 11am–10pm
12595 Sollace M Freeman Hwy, Sewanee, TN 37375
Sewanee Green Views
669 Green's View Rd, Sewanee, TN 37375
Emily O'Grady
Nashville, TN
Emily O'Grady lives with her daughters Eloise (5) and Charlie (3.5), husband Mick, and their two senior dogs Porter and Francie, in Nashville. They’ve called Music City home for 7 years this September. After Emily and Mick met in New Zealand over 15 years ago, they’ve hiked and backpacked extensively across the globe for months at a time. In their new roles as parents, they’ve hit pause on their most extreme adventures for now, but they are consciously raising their daughters to love and appreciate nature, getting outside and exploring as much as they can in the hills of Tennessee and beyond. During the weekdays, you can find Emily leading teams across Asurion’s Product Development team, bringing the company’s service strategy to life across carrier clients. Before joining Asurion, Emily was an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company for 4 years, as well as held Analyst roles with Telephia (Nielsen) and Bank of America Global Corporate and Investment Bank. Emily holds a BBA in Finance, French and European Studies from Southern Methodist University and an MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management.
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