Discovery Center

Discovery Center of Idaho, West Myrtle Street, Boise, ID, USA

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An indoor learning center followed by a great outdoor playground.

With hands-on science and technology exhibits, Discovery Center of Idaho has so much to offer along with a cool playground next door.

Since Covid, they have changed a lot of the exhibits that are hands-on but by September of 2021, they should be bringing them back for a more interactive experience. We attended when they had Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition which was amazing for the kids and adults. The Discovery Center requires you to buy tickets beforehand and secure a time slot and they set it up where you follow a path to keep everyone socially distanced. You are given a realistic boarding pass of an actual passager on the Titanic and can learn about their story and history. You begin your voyage on the Titanic, moving through the ship's construction, to life on board, to the ill-fated sinking and amazing artifact rescue efforts. They really go the extra mile to make the entire experience at the Discovery Center engaging. One of the coolest exhibits was the re-created accommodations, and we got to see the money that was retrieved and the food menu of the passengers. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did. You end by getting to visit Tinker The T-REX which was such a special surprise as well as a very cool gift shop with tons of Dinosaur toys and other gifts.

After visiting the Discovery Center, walk up the stairs to the left of the center over to Julia Davis Park Playground. We love to eat our snacks over at the park and have the kids chase the squirrels and enjoy the swings.

If you are feeling up for a little walk after the park and to see something pretty neat, I will fill you in on a little secret that shows why Boise is such an incredible city. Start walking towards the Greenbelt which is the path along the Boise River and you will come behind the Boise Zoo. There are about 3 or 4 giraffes that hang their cute little - well tall - heads over the fence for my version of a backstage pass. And it's free. A special way to end your day visiting some giraffes. The kids will love it. 

Molly Raymond
Washington, D.C.
Molly Raymond was born and raised in sunny San Diego, Ca but decided to uproot her family and move to Boise, Idaho in 2018. Idaho has been such a great experience for her and her husband Jason and their two young children since they love the outdoors and nature. She has been working for GoGo SqueeZ as the Community Marketing Manager for over 3 years while staying home to take care of her kiddos. Some of their favorite things to do in Idaho are hiking, camping, boating and most of all find hidden Hot Springs around Idaho. One of Molly’s passions is to teach her children to clean up litter so they can learn to protect and take care of the environment.
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