The Katy Trail in Dallas

5207 McKinney Ave, Suite 19A Dallas, TX 75205

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Take a stroll down the Katy Trail in Dallas and get your fill of fresh air, exercise, and a mix of beautiful urban and outdoor scenery.

The infamous Katy Trail in Dallas is a 4 mile paved scenic path in the middle of the city following abandoned railroad tracks. The trail almost always has activity on filled with runners, rollerbladers, bikers, dog walkers, and parents with kids and strollers. It has a very calm atmosphere and is mostly shaded by beautiful trees in the summer. The trail is very well maintained by the city and has lots of lighting so you feel comfortable at any time of day. Parking can sometimes be difficult, so I recommend parking on Travis St/Knox St or at Reverchon Park. There is also a parking area by the Katy Trail Ice House, (a great outdoor eatery and bar off the trail that also has water stations for trail-goers,) but there is no guaranteed parking. There are other spots along the trail where you can use the restroom, but the actual public restroom is located on the South end at the Reverchon Recreation Center. On the Northside you can go into Highland Park Pharmacy or Starbucks. The path runs from downtown Dallas towards the upper side of Highland Park. The Katy Trail is a perfect place for a jog, stroller run, or easy walk to get some fresh air!


Natalie Proctor
Austin, TX
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