Sewanee Green Views

669 Green's View Rd, Sewanee, TN 37375

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A family-friendly hike near University of the South.

If you are in the Cumberland Plateau area, driving through the University of the South (aka Sewanee) campus will leave you breathless - the beautiful stone buildings and lush landscape are stunning and kind of Hogwart's like. There are a ton of hikes and cool things to do in the area (Buggytop and the Natural Bridge are two of my favorites) and the fall is one of the best times to visit when the leaves are changing and the weather is crisp. 

If you've been around the Sewanee area before, you may have ventured to Green Views which is just past campus. The viewpoint is gorgeous and there are several benches that you can enjoy the views from (packing a picnic lunch for this spot is always a great idea). If you are feeling adventurous, there are several hikes that start here.

Our family chose to take (1) Shakerag Hollow and loop back around via (2) Beckwith Point Trail. Doing so made the whole loop about 4.5 miles in total (but you can do both as out and backs from Greens View). Both are found on the AllTrails app (trails are marked well but we noticed they were called different names on the signs - example: Shakerag was "to University Gates").

Shakerag Hollow (moderate) is the most enjoyable part of this looped walk - it starts with some fairly steep steps down and large boulders.  The feel is 'fairy forest' in nature with huge trees, stones, twisting branches - it feels very enchanting.  You'll pass by a couple of small water features (not waterfalls but more like streams over rocky places). Once you reach the end of this stretch, you'll be near University Gates.  Here you begin to hear cars on the highway for a short time.  

Once you veer to the right to the Beckwith portion (easy), you find yourself in a more flattish area with lots of trees and shade for the journey back to your car.  The trail hugs for a small stretch by the Sewanee golf course and there are some more beautiful views (though none rivaling your starting point at Green Views).

On a Sunday in September, we passed only two other hiking families.

Head to Shenanigans in the small main strip of Sewanee for lunch post-hike and beers/lemonade.



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